Oil boiler installation in Derby

For a comprehensive oil boiler installation and LPG heating service in Derby and throughout Derbyshire, call the experienced and qualified team at ETTA Plumbing, today. We have a wealth of experience in oil and LPG heating, which are practical alternatives to gas and electric. Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of these heating systems.

Oil heating

Where there’s no access to mains gas for heating your property and electric heating is too expensive, there are alternative ways to heat your home that could be right for you. Oil heating tanks can be installed above ground or underground. Oil is a highly efficient fuel which can help you to reduce energy bills. Most oil-fired boilers are floor standing rather than wall-mounted.

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gas pressure

LPG heating

LPG heating involves the installation of outdoor tanks or gas bottles. It’s a highly efficient and clean method of heating that will provide cheaper energy and keep you warm throughout the cold months. If you’re interested in switching to LPG or want to know more about why it could be right for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch ETTA plumbing today.

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